Website Marketing Solutions

Social Mark is an internet marketing firm specializing in using search engine and social media optimization to generate more revenues for your business.While we spend significant time tweaking and improving our clients existing websites, there are many cases where we build a completely new website for our customers.

The focus on most of website development today is often about aesthetics alone, neglecting perhaps the single most important function of a website – search engine visibility!

SEO-centric website design is about more than just programming a beautiful new website. It is about incorporating the basics of search engine optimization throughout the website – from initial concept to finished design.

Incorporated into your design are keyword strategies, the most up to date linking and tagging techniques,  well as email and video incorporation to set your site apart from your competitors.

We believe strongly in empowering our clients to maintain their new sites without having to hire a professional to make simple content edits. We focus on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website design for this reason.

SEO-centric WordPress Design

WordPress is our leading content management system for new client websites.  The WordPress framework is extremely customizable, and perhaps best of all, easy to learn and easy to use!  Utilizing the Genesis Framework for WordPress, we are able to create semi-custom websites that are crafted specifically for the SEO techniques we use.  This allows for a controllable website for you that will be in place for years to come.